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Rabindra Kobita Archive
Rabindra Kobita Archive
Rabindra Kobita Archive
Rabindra Kobita Archive

Rabindra Kobita Archive

Dr. Purnendu Bikash Sarkar
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Rabindra Kobita Archive is a digital compilation of 3500 poems of Rabindranath Tagore. Except around 100 very common poems, the wonderful treasure of Tagore’s poems is still unknown to most of us. After 5 years research and labour, eminent eye specialist Dr Purnendu Bikash Sarkar has compiled all poems of Tagore with recitation, song and all information of every poem in a Pen Drive named Rabindra Kobita Archive.

Highlights of Rabindra Kobita Archive
  • 3500 poems of Tagore from his 57 Anthologies
  • 5000 recitations
  • 110 Rabindra Sangeet
  • 15 recitation by Tagore himself
  • 103 English recitation from Song Offerings
  • 245 eminent artistes from India, Bangladesh, Canada, UK, etc
  • Recitation in multiple voices
  • All information about every poem
  • Find any poem instantly and listen to its recitation
  • Importance of Rabindra Kobita Archive
Best collector’s item
  • For entertainment
  • To enjoy 5000 recitations and 110 Rabindra Sangeet
  • To learn and practice recitation
  • To become an educationist
  • For Academic purpose
  • To prepare script & lectures
  • To understand Tagore’s philosophy
  • For Gen-X to know Tagore
  • Best Gift item to friends and relatives

Name of Artistes

  • Soumitra Chattopadhyay
  • Partha Ghosh
  • Gouri Ghosh
  • Pradip Ghosh
  • Bratati Bandyopadhyay
  • Bijoylaxmi Barman
  • Pranati Thakur
  • Ratna Mitra
  • Subodh Sarkar
  • Shovonsundar Basu
  • Soumitra Mitra
  • Barnali Sarkar
  • Beliet Hissain
  • Mustafa Khalid Palas
  • Jayanto Chattopadhyay
  • Aparna Sen
  • Hemanta Mukhopadhyay
  • Santidev Ghosh
  • Subinoy Roy
  • Suchitra Mitra
  • Iman Chakraborty
  • Krishna Basu
  • Sugata Basu
  • Biplab Ganguly……. And rest of 245 others

Academic information

  • Information about Tagore’s 57 Anthologies
  • Information about Song Offerings
  • Tagore’s Family tree
  • 79 portraits of Tagore from age 13 -80 with notes
  • Information of Post Stamps of Tagore
  • Pictures of Pandulipies
  • Installation procedure & manual


  • Rabindra Kobita Archive is an Interactive Software
  • Compiled in an 8GB USB Memory Stick
  • Compatible with Windows 7 onward

Package contains

  • USB Memory stick of Rabindra Kobita Archive
  • One Mouse Pad
  • One Installation instruction card
  • One booklet about Rabindra Kobita Archive
  • One book containing pictures of 245 Artistes
  • One CD containing demo VDO of
  • of Installation procedure & Manual
  • of Rabindra Kobita Archive
  • of Gitabitan Archive
  • of 245 Artiste’s picture
  • About Dr. Purnendu Bikash Sarkar

What is new about Rabindra Kobita Archive ?

  • First time in the history digital compilation of Tagore’s poems.
  • Interactive Software in an USB Flash Drive.
  • Makes Tagore poems popular to all who love Rabindranath Tagore.
  • Best Collector’s and Gift item.
  • Makes Tagore immortal in future world
  • Easy Installation and operation

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