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Kolkata Food Trail

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  1. Canned Rossogolla - K.C.Das

    1 Kg. of Canned Rossogolla from K. C. Das
  2. Golbarir Kasha Mangsho & Paratha

    2 plates of Golbari Kasha Mangsho & 8 Pcs. of Paratha
  3. Nizam's Double Mutton Kathi Roll

    4 Pcs. of Double Mutton Kathi Roll from Nizam's
  4. Niranjan Agar's Egg Devil

    6 Pcs. of Egg Devil
  5. Mitra Cafe's Spl. Fish Diamond Fry

    4 Pcs of Spl. Fish Diamond Fry from Mitra Cafe
  6. Fruit Cake 2 lb - Nahoum

    Nahoum's Fruit Cake
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6 Item(s)